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Day Plan

How it works:

The Wild Dolphin Tour starts with our second phase of transportation where you will have the chance to enjoy a ride by boat through the lagoon and its channels. During the ride, you will have the opportunity to look for crocodiles and to appreciate the different types of mangroves that we have. 


Next, you will be arriving at Pesca Maya Lodge, where you will have breakfast and receive some information about Sian Ka’an. For those inexperienced in snorkeling, we will give a short introduction, so that everyone is ready to go out on the boat.

We start searching for wild bottlenose dolphins. They are the most charismatic and interesting animals. There is a group living permanently in Sian Ka'an. Through our 16 years of operation; we have found a place where the dolphins come to visit us at the same place almost every time, not for food, but curiosity. Sometimes they spy on eyes while keeping a distance, yet we are not able to see them.  Dolphins are able to use their ultrasound sense that allows them to see miles away in the water, in the same way, we use our eyes, while our visibility might be between 10 and 30 feet in the area where they, their senses are much greater than ours.

We have a 90% chance of meeting them in their natural habitat. Have your cameras ready for the most amazing pictures!

On the same day, we will look for caguama and white turtles. Humans are very scary to them, wonder why? Well, we are their natural predator. They don't really trust the "ecotour" yet.


During the tour, we'll have many opportunities for bird watching. In the middle of Ascension Bay, we will stop at the fragate nesting mangle. Here we will have the opportunity to see many birds in their sexual flirting and nesting habitat. we may also see pelicans, bobo, cormorant, and other bird species. Flamingo, spoonbill, eagles, parrots, and herons are common to find within this habitat.


At the end of the trip, we will stop at the reefs to look for starfish, turtles, tropical fish, and other reef creatures. At the beach by the lodge, you may want to relax or explore the local reef close to the shore. you will have some time before we bring you back to your hotel.


How it works:

Our van picks you up at your doorstep! Depending on your location we will set up the time: 

  • Puerto Morelos 05:30 am

  • Playa del Carmen 06:00 am

  • Puerto Aventuras – Akumal 06:30 am

  • Tulum 07:00 am

One of the things that differentiate us is that the trip on the van will only be until 20 minutes after the start of the Sian Ka´an Biosphere Reserve. Instead of the 50 km of a dirt road, the tour will start the next phase of the transportation where will take you to the main base by boat.

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